DMS Expo 2014: DiALOG-Award - Process excellence is given a name

(Böblingen) The initiators of the DiALOG Award "Excellence with EIM" 2014 took to the stage of the DMS Expo 2014 to present their idea and vision, as well as a "winner's talk", to a broad audience. Our thanks go to the organisers for the successful running of the event, as well as the 2014 winners for their open and motivating argumentation and for taking part.

On behalf of the initiators and the panel of judges Steffen Schaar set out the reasons for the commitment to the DiALOG Awards in an entertaining and compelling introduction. He formulated the conviction of the initiators with the slogan "from a vision, to an initiative" and quoted from the official speech at the award ceremony on 22.05.2014 in Frankfurt: "Values ​​instead of functions" is a statement the visionaries and initiators of the DiALOG awards have chosen to clearly position their approach to people, process, and, of course, the understanding of technological progress. The conscious focus on communication and the recognition of potentials that are to be found in constant change are also constantly being considered. The DiALOG Award supports and encourages the reverse process from simply thinking about the IT function to moving towards structured, understandable, measurable processes with intelligent and understandable solutions: "No longer just the IT, but rather much more with the IT". 

During the informal discussion that followed representatives of the 2014 winners and the patron of the awards were present. The reasoning and the projects were discussed, as well as motivations within the business organisations. "Dedication, conviction and pride" were words that were repeatedly used by the participants in respect of their organisations and the people in their departments. Everyone was in agreement: Enterprise Information Management is not about "old wine in new bottles", but the living, organic change in dealing with knowledge and the aim of creating sustainable operations management from knowledge management. In times of Big Data, agility and globalisation it is all about quality over quantity and compliance is a forward-looking measure of value and competitive advantage. 

The award winners emphasised how their organisations had recognised that a trend towards EIM and following a method of sustainable transparency in their processes had led to greater motivation and commitment among employees. Following this approach, all of them want to maintain, adjust and expand their CIP - continuous improvement process. On that theme, the podium unanimously encouraged everyone present to make use of the opportunity of an application in order to further strengthen processes and organisations, both internally and externally, and in doing so to gain the "Excellence" seal of approval for the company.